Audio offers a powerful way to tell stories.  Long before stories were written down, they were told - person to person.  Here are some examples of audio stories from thePodcastProducer's archives.

I can help you or your business or nonprofit organization use audio by producing podcasts for you or by teaching you how to do it yourself.

Reaching Right to the Heart - Audio for Nonprofits

This feature demonstrates simple story telling - right from the heart.  It was produced for Southwest Christian Care.  I spoke with Hazel Ellington whose daughter was in hospice care.

Hazel Ellington

Audio from a Backpack - Hikers Begin a Trek from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail

I packed my sleeping bag, tent and food along with my recorder and microphones and hiked out for an overnight stay on Springer Mountain.  This was produced in 2006.

The first AT blaze and plaque on Springer Mountain, Georgia

Remember 2008?  The Crash Year?  This Offered Encouragement:

by Laura Wellem -  click to visit her website

by Laura Wellem - click to visit her website

Death Cafe - Lively Discussions of Death

A talk with Death Cafe Atlanta founder Mark LaRocca-Pitts at Atlanta's Historic Oakland Cemetery.