A native Atlantan, Clark Hill has been an independent commercial audio and video producer and photographer since 1977 when he started a company to produce slide shows with sound - back in the days before video was widely affordable.

A graduate of Georgia State University, Clark worked at WRAS, the campus radio station, as a news reporter and DJ.  He also worked as a radio news assistant at WSB radio and then briefly worked as a reporter for WGST radio before moving into audiovisual production services.

In 1973 Clark joined a religious mission agency and traveled around the U.S. producing promotional materials - primarily slide shows and filmstrips.  Over past 35 the years, Clark has seen an amazing transformation of technology from slide trays and audio cassette tapes to the internet where we can watch live video streaming from a cell phone on the other side of the world.

Currently, Clark works with businesses, nonprofit organizations and churches to create photos, video and audio for their websites as well as setting up easy-to-maintain websites in Squarespace.com.

For photos, audio and video for websites, visit Clark Hill Creative Services: